"I have been actively involved in seeking major gifts for an Episcopal school, and know first -hand the joy of a successful gift solicitation. It is wonderful to see the passions of the giver meet with the mission of the church. We have a beautiful Cathedral home where I feel the presence of God each time I enter. Our parish is blessed with one of Denver’s most magnificent landmarks. As faithful stewards we work to maintain and improve our building so future generations entering our doors will continue to experience God’s presence."

-Abby Humphrey
"The Planned Giving Committee and the Stewardship Commission ensure the Cathedral has the resources it requires both now and in the future to grow in mission and service. This is a vital ministry. In order to carry out Christ’s work in our community, the Cathedral has many hands hard at work, and I am proud that my own hands are among them."

-Alexander Hornaday
Children's Stewardship
Children and youth participate in a variety of service projects and they are invited to pledge, too. The money that they contribute is given to support the mission of Saint John’s Cathedral. For more information, please contact Kim McPherson at kim@sjcathedral.org.

Saint John’s Cathedral is a community of communities, a large congregation with a place for everyone. We are a place for questions and rediscovery, stillness and growth and are welcoming and inclusive of all. To support and nourish the Cathedral all members of the Cathedral family, including our children and youth, are given the opportunity and privilege of making an annual pledge to continually grow our community. For more information please contact Father Charles LaFond at charles@sjcathedral.org.

Legacy Society
Saint John’s Cathedral has established The Martyn Hart Legacy Society to recognize parishioners and friends who have indicated their intention of providing a legacy gift benefiting the Cathedral. Once you inform us that you have named Saint John’s Cathedral as a beneficiary of your estate, you will become a member of the Martyn Hart Legacy Society.
For more information about the Martyn Hart Legacy Society or to make a legacy gift, please contact the Stewardship Ministry at http://www.sjcathedral.org/Support/DonateNow.aspx.

The Archives collects, preserves, and makes available the historical records of Saint John’s Cathedral. For further information about how to join this group, please contact Nancy Woodward, archivist, at nancywoodward@juno.com.
Arts and Architecture
Sensitive and creative development of our heritage and imaginative new environments for worship are essential for the Church of the future. The Arts & Architecture ministry completes many renovations and installations throughout the Cathedral. For more information, please contact David Rote at davidrote@aol.com.
Cathedral Tours
Discover the rich history, art, and architecture of Saint John's Cathedral during the summer months, holidays and Welcome Gatherings. Tours are led by trained guides who are passionate about sharing our Cathedral story. If you would like more information about Cathedral Tours or interested in guiding, please contact Matthew Henderson at matthew@sjcathedral.org.
Artisan Ministry
The Artisan Ministry serves to support the ongoing preservation of the buildings and grounds throughout the year. If you are looking for opportunities to express your gratitude with your sleeves rolled up, please contact Judy Allison at jambil@q.com.
Bee hives have long been a religious symbol for community and with over 400,000 bees on the roof of the Cathedral busy making honey and beeswax for our candles; we need Saint John’s Cathedral community to support the work of these busy bees. If you are passionate about working with bees and interested in a bee training class, then please contact Perry Beaton at perrybeaton@msn.com
Green Initiatives
The mission of the Green Team is to help integrate environmental stewardship into our daily lives by committing to a Green future. By our Green Initiatives, we set a positive example for our greater church family, we differentiate ourselves as a Green ecumenical community, and we provide a cleaner and healthier church environment. For more information, please contact Suni Devitt at sdevitt@cordesco.com.
Landscape and Garden
Our purpose is simply to enjoy gardening by communally cultivating the church grounds. Yet in doing so, we also take the opportunity to share our talents and gifts in service to our community. Little by little our joint efforts transform our challenging grounds into an inspiring metaphor for our parish as richly diverse, harmonious, ordered, blossoming, and Spirit-filled! We groom, prune, weed, compost, water, and occasionally we divide and plant. We are always working on new garden projects! For more information, please contact Chris Alexander at chrisva@comcast.net.
The SJC library contains over 4,500 books and a computer catalog that provides easy access to your reading interest. If you would like to check out a book, sit and read in the library, or serve as a Library Ministry Partner, then please come visit us and enjoy the beautiful Saint John’s Library. For more information please contact Ann Jones at library@sjcathedral.org.
Cathedral Kitchen Crew
The Cathedral Crew is a great group of people who enjoy serving Saint John’s with their passion for food and community. They come together and enjoy one another through friendly conversation and preparing nourishing meals for Cathedral Nite and special events. If you are also passionate about food and would like to involve yourself in the Cathedral Cooks Ministry please contact Matthew Henderson at matthew@sjcathedral.org.
1350 Washington Street
Denver, CO 80203