Ministry Partners work tirelessly over countless hours to make mission possible at Saint John's Cathedral. From providing dinners on Wednesday Nights for Cathedral Nite, to providing a beautiful place to worship through floral design, to greeting visitors at our doors, our selfless Ministry Partners have many gifts that they share with Saint John's.

Please check out the many opportunities for involvement below:
Join us on Wednesday nights, beginning September 23rd. The Catechumenate is for those who have never been part of a church, those who are returning to church after a long absence, or those who have belonged to another faith tradition. It is the heart of our formation process for adults, an exploration of what it means to be a Christian in the Anglican tradition.  The evening class includes a simple supper and a brief time of prayer or worship. Even if you have not come before to previous nights, please join us! 

Childcare is open from 4:00 – 9:00 pm on Wednesdays in the Nursery Room for all ages.

At Saint John’s, we believe that children are an important part of our community. We have designed our programs to meet their needs, from Children’s Chapel during the first part of the 9:00 am service, to all our classes. We do Godly Play, a Montessori style religious education program that invites the children to wonder and respond creatively to the stories of the Bible and our Episcopal tradition. Over time, the stories are written on their hearts, and they can go deeper as they participate in the SOWhAT class, and later, Youth Group. Godly Play is also offered on Wednesdays, 4:15-5:25 pm-a perfect time if you missed coming on Sunday! For more information, please contact Kim McPherson at

It is our delight to offer a week of overnight camp each summer at our beautiful Diocesan Camp and Conference Center, Cathedral Ridge. Children and teens alike look forward to it all year long. It is a time to play, sing, pray, and form a loving community that lasts for years to come. It is our delight to offer a week of overnight camp each summer at our beautiful Diocesan Camp and Conference Center, Cathedral Ridge. Children and teens alike look forward to it all year long. It is a time to play, sing, pray, and form a loving community that lasts for years to come.  We’ve decided that, to a child, the Kingdom of Heaven is like Cathedral Camp! For more information, please contact Kim McPherson at
EFM stands for “Education for Ministry” and is a four year program of study, prayer and spiritual reflection. In EFM, a small group comes together weekly to share insights and questions from their readings, and to engage in spiritual practices. The years in EFM are devoted to Old and New Testament, Theology, and Christian history, with theological reflection woven into each session. EFM is wonderful preparation for all ministries in the Church, both lay and ordained. For more information, please contact Jadon Hartsuff at

Our nursery is a cheerful, safe and welcoming environment for our very youngest members (up to age three).  It is staffed by professional caregivers as well as volunteers—all trained to ensure your child’s stay is safe in every possible way!  Our Nursery garden is a place to play and to enjoy all the green and growing things there.  During weekday or other offerings, older children are welcome, too. For more information, please contact Kim McPherson at

6 Youth
This year’s youth program will benefit from years of wisdom about what our youth like, what they need and how to give them both!  On Sunday mornings, our youth participate in worship as ushers, acolytes and readers. Then they gather in the youth room for time to be with one another, play some games that relate to the theme for the day, and then have conversation around the day’s topic. We’re planning frequent retreats and overnights, as well as mission trips in the summer. And of course, our youth love Cathedral Camp, and look forward to becoming counselors. For more information please contact Father Jadon Hartsuff at

Come join this young vibrant group that meets up  every second Tuesday of the month.  For more information please visit sjcathedral20s30s or contact Matthew Henderson at

14th & Clarkson is a way to be active and engaged in life and broaden friendship with those at the Cathedral whom share a commonality of interest. The group meets approximately once a month in a variety of local, social and cultural activities that encourage conversation and fellowship. For more information, please contact Leo Carosella at

“Welcome one another, as Christ has welcomed you.”  Ushers greet all those who enter our doors, take the offertory, note attendance figures, and with their signature white carnations are always on hand to give assistance. Adult ushers also serve for other events, such as Evensong services, funerals, and ordinations. On Sundays, adults serve at the 11:15 am service and youth serve at the 9:00 am service. For more information about adult ushers, please contact William McMechen at   For information about our youth usher please contact Kim McPherson at
Do you have a passion for baking and enjoy welcoming others with sweets?   the Saint John’s Cathedral Bakers is a group of wonderful bakers who deliver delicious treats to various Cathedral events. If you would like to contribute your baking expertise into welcoming others, please contact Laura Corral at

Please join us all for an evening of fellowship, prayer and nourishment to our souls.  On Wednesday nights Saint John’s provides a delicious meal and community engagement that supports our spiritual formation.   Come to eat and pray with us starting at 5:30 pm –Holy Eucharist. 6:15 pm –Supper in Dagwell Hall. 7:00 pm –Catechumenate and Formation Groups. 8:30 pm –Compline.

The Order of the Daughters of the King® (DOK) is a spiritual sisterhood of women dedicated to a life of Prayer, Service and Evangelism. We have made a commitment to Jesus as our Savior, and we follow Him as Lord of our lives. We are an Order for women who are communicants of the Episcopal Church, churches in communion with it, or churches in the Historic Episcopate. Today our membership includes women in the Anglican, Episcopal, Lutheran (ELCA) and Roman Catholic churches. For more information please contact Priscilla Shand at

Welcome to Saint John’s Cathedral a vibrant and dynamic faith community where we are welcoming and affirming of all.   At the Saint John’s Welcome Center we want everyone who walks through the doors to be apart of the community in Christ. We encourage you to get to know our clergy and staff and to be reminded of the beautiful architecture when visiting.  We want to provide you with a positive experience and a sense of belonging. If you are interested in serving at the Welcome Center, please contact Matthew Henderson at  

Saint John’s Cathedral is a wonderful and exciting community with a variety of opportunities for connection.   If you would like to be more integrated into Cathedral life, meet others, or have a one on one conversation with clergy and staff, then please attend a Welcome Gathering where we can support you in strengthening your spiritual community. Please RSVP at WelcomeGatherings or contact Matthew Henderson at

The people of Saint John’s reach out to one another by visiting the home-bound, by helping our seniors, and by caring for the grieving. The Lay Eucharistic Visitor (LEV) ministry serves as trained ministry partners who take communion to Saint John’s parishioners who are unable to attend services in the Cathedral. These parishioners are at home, in the hospital, or in a care facility. If you would like to learn more about this important pastoral ministry to our seniors, please contact LEV coordinator Mother Elizabeth Marie Melchionna at

Through the LGBTQI ministry, we have the opportunity to extend the life of faith we experience at the Cathedral to our LGBTQI community. We offer a church home and send a positive message of love to our brothers and sisters in the LGBTQI community. For more information contact Michael Vente at

Let us all support those who are either homebound or residing permanently in a care facility by providing them with God's comfort and love.  If you know someone who would be pleased to meet with a pastor, feel free to contact Mother Elizabeth Marie Melchionna at

Saint Martha’s Guild was organized by Dean Paul Roberts in 1936, with the purpose of creating closer relationships among women within Saint John’s large congregation. Women have been meeting since then for dessert and a program at 1:00 pm on the fourth Tuesday of the month, September through April.  For more information, contact Jane Joukema, current President, at
We have active, seniors ministry with monthly activities involving field trips, fun, learning, fellowship, food and care for one another. SOAR plans regular events for the seniors of the Cathedral and surrounding community, typically on the second Thursday of the Month. All are welcome! For more information contact Basil Carpenter at

The Wilderness is a community within Saint John's Cathedral Parish. We are contemplative and Episcopal in our heritage, and seek to create a welcoming place for a divine worship, inquiry, and service, open to all.  If you want to see life as a journey not a resting place, faith as inquiry not past answers, liturgy as prayer not performance, and church as community not a club, please check us out. We meet every Sunday evening at 6:00 pm in the Cathedral. For more information, please contact Father Jadon Hartsuff at

“Who are these robed in white raiment?”

Acolytes play a significant and visible role during the Holy Eucharist. They undertake various duties, such as being a crucifer, torch bearer, server, thurifer, chalice minister and more. There are also opportunities to be part of weddings and funerals.  For more information please contact David Barr at

“Then I will go to the altar of God.”

The altar guild provides all that is needed for the altar at the Holy Eucharist. Their work includes preparing and laying out of precious vessels, caring for linens, and maintaining candles and candelabra. Contact Diane Cast at

“For the beauty of the earth.”

The flower team provides floral arrangements in the Cathedral and the Chapel. They also design displays for the Christmas and Easter festivals, and for special occasions. Contact Diane Cast at

“The Word of the Lord.” 
Lectors read the Scripture readings and lead the Prayers of the People at Sunday services. There is also a growing ministry of reading the lessons each weekday at Morning and Evening Prayer. Contact Billy Baker at

Saint John’s Cathedral Choir School is currently comprised of all those in our youth choir programs that include the Saint David, Saint Cecilia, and Saint Nicholas choirs.

The Saint David Choir is for children ages 5 through first grade. This choir rehearses on Wednesdays from 5:30 to 6:10 pm and sings approximately monthly at the 9:00 am Sunday service during the school year.  For more information please contact Alberto Gutierrez at

The Saint Cecilia Girl Choir is comprised of choristers second grade and up. They rehearse on Mondays from 5:00 to 6:15 p.m. and Wednesdays from 6:00 to 7:15 p.m.  These choirs sing weekly at the 9:00 am Sunday service during the school year.   For more information please contact Alberto Gutierrez at

The Saint Nicolas Boy Choir is comprised of choristers second grade and up. They rehearse on Mondays from 5:00 to 6:15 p.m. and Wednesdays from 6:00 to 7:15 p.m.  These choirs sing weekly at the 9:00 am Sunday service during the school year.   Contact Alberto Gutierrez for more information at

The Parish Choir provides music for the 9:00 am Sunday The Choir School Parents’ Association is made up of the parents of all of our young singers.  They meet monthly to share ideas and foster relationships.  Occasionally they help plan non-musical choir events.  For more information please contact Alberto Gutierrez at

Eucharist and occasional Diocesan services. Membership is by audition. For more information please contact Alberto Gutierrez at
“Blessed are your ears, for they hear.”
This ministry is essential for every service that takes place in the Cathedral. Operation of the sound desk needs an eagle eye and an attentive ear. For more information please contact Barbara Gillett at

We are excited to bring you this coming year a Concert Season at Saint John's with a full schedule of world-class performances and musical services. We hope to see you in our audience and congregation soon and often!

For information on our Music at Noon concerts, Evensong, or other special services with music, please visit For more information please contact Alberto Gutierrez at


The Choir School Parents’ Association is made up of the parents of all of our young singers.  They meet monthly to share ideas and foster relationships.  Occasionally they help plan non-musical choir events.  For more information please contact Alberto Gutierrez at

The Abrahamic Initiative provides forums for dialogue among Jews, Christians and Muslims and fosters mutual understanding and appreciation for the faith perspectives of each tradition.

As the world becomes more interdependent, it is critical that people of God will come together. Knowing each other and understanding the foundations of each tradition will help dispel false images and stereotypes that thwart positive relationships and generate conflict. Healthy and constructive relationships will emerge from mutual understanding and appreciation of each tradition.

For further information, please visit The Abrahamic Initiative website or contact Elizabeth Marie Melchionna at

Episcopal Relief & Development is an international relief and development agency and a compassionate response to human suffering on behalf of The Episcopal Church of the United States. Our work to heal a hurting world is guided by the principles of compassion, dignity and generosity. For more information, please visit


Saint John’s Cathedral is part of the Habitat on the Hill interfaith coalition which is joining forces with the Denver Alliance for Interfaith Action to help build homes for families in need. If you are interested in supporting this organization, please contact Mother Liz Costello at
Just as Christ fed the 5,000, we too are charged to feed the hungry. Are you ready to step up to the challenge? During the month of July, please bring nonperishable food and/or financial contributions to Saint John’s Cathedral to support Metro CareRing. For more information please contact Mother Liz Costello at

Metro CareRing takes a holistic approach to bringing people towards self-sufficiency. They rely on a warm and welcoming community of ministry partners to run their incredible facility, providing healthy food, social services to those who are food insecure, all the whilst ensuring that their clients are treated with dignity and respect.  Ministry partners can serve in a variety of ways, no matter your age or ability.  If want to get involved, email Ed Watson at

Saint John’s is host to a number of recovery groups throughout the week: AA, Green Light, Joy Al-Anon, and others. If you are in need of a recovery group, please contact Mother Liz Costello at

St. Francis Center (SFC) is a refuge for men and women who are homeless in the metro Denver area, providing services that enable people to meet their basic needs for daily survival and to transition out of homelessness. The willingness of members of the community to offer their service and their time is essential to the running of this refuge. Ministry partners can support SFC's amazing staff from the front desk to the laundry room. For more information, please visit or contact           Ed Watson at

The Women’s Homeless Initiative at Saint John’s has been a great success. Every Monday night, Dozens of ministry partners transform Dagwell Hall, making it a hospitable place for our 25 guests to share warm meals and rest in safe overnight shelter. If your are interested in serving in this ministry, please contact Sue Abbott at

Nurses serve as Ministry Partners to screen parishioner’s blood pressure and log blood pressure readings over time to identify any potential risks resulting in referral to parishioner’s primary care physician.  For more information please contact Lura Williams at
The Cathedral Co-operative of Gardeners (CCG) plant, tend, glean, and deliver nutritious and freshly harvested produce throughout the growing season. On Sundays, the CCG collects parishioner-grown produce for Monday delivery to Metro Caring. 

Together, annually, the missioner-gardeners of the CCG grow and share more than 1,000 pounds of food for those who are in need. CCG volunteers are also active at the Grow Local Colorado food gardens at the Governor’s Mansion. They tend the raised beds in the Nursery Play Garden, next to Saint Martin’s Chapel. They have helped with the DUG community garden at Morey Middle School, across the street.

CCGers serve as host-site coordinators for the Grant Farms CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture), delivering unclaimed shares weekly to Metro Caring, a community partner in hunger relief and socially supportive services. If you want to get involved, email Ed Watson at

Children and youth participate in a variety of service projects and they are invited to pledge, too. The money that they contribute is given to support the mission of Saint John’s Cathedral. For more information, please contact Kim McPherson at
Saint John’s Cathedral is a community of communities, a large congregation with a place for everyone. We are a place for questions and rediscovery, stillness and growth and are welcoming and inclusive of all. To support and nourish the Cathedral all members of the Cathedral family, including our children and youth, are given the opportunity and privilege of making an annual pledge to continually grow our community.  For more information please contact Father Charles LaFond at

Saint John’s Cathedral has established The Martyn Hart Legacy Society to recognize parishioners and friends who have indicated their intention of providing a legacy gift benefiting the Cathedral.  Once you inform us that you have named Saint John’s Cathedral as a beneficiary of your estate, you will become a member of the Martyn Hart Legacy Society.

For more information about the Martyn Hart Legacy Society or to make a legacy gift, please contact the Stewardship Ministry at

The Archives collects, preserves, and makes available the historical records of Saint John’s Cathedral.  For further information about how to join this group, please contact Nancy Woodward, archivist, at

Sensitive and creative development of our heritage and imaginative new environments for worship are essential for the Church of the future.  The Arts & Architecture ministry completes many renovations and installations throughout the Cathedral. For more information, please contact David Rote at

Discover the rich history, art, and architecture of Saint John's Cathedral during the summer months, holidays and Welcome Gatherings. Tours are led by trained guides who are passionate about sharing our Cathedral story. If you would like more information about Cathedral Tours or interested in guiding, please contact Matthew Henderson at

The Artisan Ministry serves to support the ongoing preservation of the buildings and grounds throughout the year. If you are looking for opportunities to express your gratitude with your sleeves rolled up, please contact Judy Allison at

9 Bees

Bee hives have long been a religious symbol for community and with over 400,000 bees on the roof of the Cathedral busy making honey and beeswax for our candles; we need Saint John’s Cathedral community to support the work of these busy bees. If you are passionate about working with bees and interested in a bee training class, then please contact Perry Beaton at 

The mission of the Green Team is to help integrate environmental stewardship into our daily lives by committing to a Green future. By our Green Initiatives, we set a positive example for our greater church family, we differentiate ourselves as a Green ecumenical community, and we provide a cleaner and healthier church environment. For more information, please contact Suni Devitt at

Our purpose is simply to enjoy gardening by communally cultivating the church grounds. Yet in doing so, we also take the opportunity to share our talents and gifts in service to our community. Little by little our joint efforts transform our challenging grounds into an inspiring metaphor for our parish as richly diverse, harmonious, ordered, blossoming, and Spirit-filled! We groom, prune, weed, compost, water, and occasionally we divide and plant. We are always working on new garden projects!  For more information, please contact Chris Alexander at
11 Library
The SJC library contains over 4,500 books and a computer catalog that provides easy access to your reading interest. If you would like to check out a book, sit and read in the library, or serve as a Library Ministry Partner, then please come visit us and enjoy the beautiful Saint John’s Library. For more information please contact Ann Jones at

The Cathedral Crew is a great group of people who enjoy serving Saint John’s with their passion for food and community. They come together and enjoy one another through friendly conversation and preparing nourishing meals for Cathedral Nite and special events. If you are also passionate about food and would like to involve yourself in the Cathedral Cooks Ministry please contact Matthew Henderson at

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Denver, CO 80203