While we began our family our liturgical service with a common invitation, we have come to love it for different reasons. Every time I serve in the liturgy it renews the fullness of my faith. Alma, my wife, loves to serve because she feels that it connects her both to this community and the loving work of the Holy Spirit. Our daughter, Jasmine, loves serving because is makes her tangibly feel and witness the Cathedral’s openness and acceptance of all of God’s children. And Elijah just loves knowing that he’s actually doing something to help make church happen for others. We all feel God in our service to the cathedral community in different ways, but we all love that service just the same.

-The Dunning Family
Wilderness Community
The Wilderness is a community within Saint John's Cathedral Parish. We are contemplative and Episcopal in our heritage, and seek to create a welcoming place for a divine worship, inquiry, and service, open to all. If you want to see life as a journey not a resting place, faith as inquiry not past answers, liturgy as prayer not performance, and church as community not a club, please check us out. We meet every Sunday evening at 6:00 pm in the Cathedral. 

“Who are these robed in white raiment?”
Acolytes play a significant and visible role during the Holy Eucharist. They undertake various duties, such as being a crucifer, torch bearer, server, thurifer, chalice minister and more. There are also opportunities to be part of weddings and funerals. For more information please contact David Barr at DavidLBarr@msn.com.

Altar Guild
“Then I will go to the altar of God.”
The altar guild provides all that is needed for the altar at the Holy Eucharist. Their work includes preparing and laying out of precious vessels, caring for linens, and maintaining candles and candelabra. Contact Diane Cast at scottanddiane@q.com.

Flower Guild
“For the beauty of the earth.”
The flower team provides floral arrangements in the Cathedral and the Chapel. They also design displays for the Christmas and Easter festivals, and for special occasions. Contact Diane Cast at scottanddiane@q.com.

“The Word of the Lord.”
Lectors read the Scripture readings and lead the Prayers of the People at Sunday services. There is also a growing ministry of reading the lessons each weekday at Morning and Evening Prayer. Contact Billy Baker at barbarajgillett@aol.com.

Sound System
“Blessed are your ears, for they hear.” This ministry is essential for every service that takes place in the Cathedral. Operation of the sound desk needs an eagle eye and an attentive ear. For more information please contact Barbara Gillett at barbarajgillett@aol.com.
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