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Saint John’s Cathedral Library

Many of our parishioners agree that the library is one of the most beautiful rooms in the Cathedral complex. The library has been in operation for several decades, but it may also be one of the Cathedral’s “best kept secrets”, tucked away on the second floor above Dagwell Hall. Originally a large room used as a meeting place for various Cathedral guilds, its transformation was carefully planned and carried out by the Committee on Housing in 1958.

Since that time, with support from our clergy, a multitude of willing volunteers has collected, purchased, cataloged, shelved and helped to circulate the ever-growing collection. For many years, Joyce White took the responsibility of volunteer librarian, and continued the transfer of the collection into Library of Congress cataloging.

In 2008 Ann Jones, retired middle school teacher-librarian and former member of the Cathedral choir, was asked to be the new volunteer librarian. Since then the entire library collection of over 4,500 books has been inventoried, weeded, relabeled, re-shelved, and transferred to a computer catalog with access by author, title, subject and keyword. A new Fiction section has been added and over 350 children’s books, located in the Christian Education office, have been added to the computer catalog.

New books are purchased throughout the year and displays of materials are changed frequently to encourage readership for current Christian Formation classes, seasons of the Church year, and other topics of interest to our parishioners. The library has an outstanding collection of materials on art and architecture, the Bible, Church history, Islam, Judaism, meditation, philosophy, prayer, and current social issues.
Parishioners and other members of our community throughout Denver may check out books by signing and dating the checkout card in the book, along with a phone number or email address, and leaving it on the library desk. Books are due when they’ve been “read, marked, learned and inwardly digested” and renewals are easy with a call to the library at 303-831-7115, extension 7728.

The library is open on Sunday morning before and after morning services and Monday through Thursday from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

1350 N. Washington Street
Denver, CO 80203