Spiritual Direction
At Saint John's we value sharing the stories of our journeys in faith with a trusted companion. We do this in several ways, through spiritual direction, in pastoral counseling, and through the sacrament of reconciliation.

Pastoral counseling is conversation with a trained professional. Contact a member of the clergy to talk about a referral to a pastoral counselor.

The sacrament of reconciliation, or Confession, is always available. Contact a member of the clergy to talk about making a confession.

Sacrament of ReconciliationThe Sacrament of Reconciliation is available every day after the 5:30 pm Eucharist. Simply see the priest and say that you would like to make use of this sacrament, and the priest will be happy to celebrate it with you.

You may also make an appointment to meet with one of the Cathedral clergy for this sacrament at another time. Call the Cathedral, and speak to one of the priests.

If you would like to explore this sacrament further, to see if it might be a part of your regular spiritual practice and your rule of disciplined Christian life, any of the clergy can help you. The richness of our Christian spiritual practices is available to all, and we encourage you to explore the depths of our tradition, which has supported and sustained people in their Christian lives for 2,000 years.



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