Education for Ministry (also known as EFM) is not a program of preparation for ordination but rather a way for all people to prepare for the kind of ministry and daily life Jesus calls us each to pursue.

EFM is a four-year program of study and small group participation designed to deepen our understanding of the Church's rich heritage and to empower our life of discipleship. It is more than a Bible study, although years 1 and 2 do focus on the Bible as a theological resource. Year 3 concentrates on the history of Christianity and year 4 on the history of Christian theology.  Read more about EFM's curriculum here.

4 years may sound like a huge commitment, but for most people the time truly flies by.  All four years may be completed concurrently, or there may be some gaps between the years of participation.  We encourage people to just take things one year at a time.  And because EFM is a nation-wide program administered by the School of Theology at Sewanee, it is also possible to transfer from one group to another if you move into or away from a group at the Cathedral.  

Here at Saint John's, we currently have two EFM groups, each with 10-12 people.  One group meets September through May on Monday nights and another group meets January through December on Wednesday nights.

If you are interested in learning more about joining an EFM group, please contact The Rev. Stewart Jones at
1350 N. Washington Street
Denver, CO 80203