March 5-7, at Saint John's Cathedral

Jesus walked and hosted conversations that matter along the way. The Gospel accounts suggest that he was repeatedly implored to stop by those who were hungry for encouragement, for healing, for connection, for wisdom, for a glance of compassion—a chance to touch him, or merely the hem of his garment, if they could get close enough.

Jesus wandered, being with people, inviting them to come and see what he was about.  He re-oriented God’s relationship to humanity as one in which friends meet, eat and converse on equal terms.  Jesus sought real, equal connection with everyone from royal leaders to the financially destitute and the spiritually destitute.  He asked that we love one another, not manage or control one another.  We are made in that kind, humble, loving image, and now we seek to live that way out together in a new way.

At Saint John’s we know that no one person has all the answers. We know that only by connecting with each other as Jesus did—meeting each other face-to-face—are we are able to harvest our collective intelligence and build up our capacity for doing what God would have us do. By listening, together, for the wisdom of God, we create a connected place. And from that connected place, we create a shared, participatory way of making decisions. On the way, we will have meaningful, effective, challenging, and inspiring conversations. We will name and address our fears and anxieties. We will become emotionally intelligent.

Saint John’s Cathedral invites you to a transformative three-day training in participatory leadership and the hosting of meaningful conversation. Typically, this training costs more than a thousand dollars per individual. But we are investing in you and so are offering it free of charge to 50 leaders in the Cathedral and throughout the Episcopal Church in Colorado. This is a new age, a new conversation, and a new way to be in the world.

The Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations is the core material of this training in participatory leadership. Practiced worldwide, this three-day experience will introduce you to the profound practices of hosting, and harvesting, powerful conversations. We are inviting more than 300 people for only 50 spaces, so please register now.

This seminar offers opportunities to experience personal transformation around any limiting beliefs we might possess—gaining skills in listening, in peaceable speech, and in hosting.

Will you offer your valuable time? In attending this seminar you will be taking part in changing how you are in the world and how you lead within Saint John’s Cathedral, the diocese, and the city of Denver. This training will improve how you communicate with family and friends, how you lead in your workplace, how you meet fearful thoughts, and how you host conversations that matter.

For more information on “The Work” of facing limiting beliefs, please visit Our facilitator, Caitlin Frost, is one of the world’s foremost authorities on The Work, begun by Byron Katie.

9:00am–5:00pm     Thursday, March 5
9:00am–5:00pm     Friday, March 6, with a celebratory dinner to follow
9:00am–3:30pm     Saturday, March 7

Registrants are asked to commit to the entire three-day program of sessions, which include hot meals and three of the world’s finest Art of Hosting teachers.

We hope you will join us for this deep dive into valuable leadership skills. We will be a group of 50—from Saint John’s and from the Episcopal Church in Colorado—creating a leadership cohort together that can help steward and contribute to the best of what our Cathedral is and will become.

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Chris Corrigan. Art of Hosting global steward.  Chris has 25 years experience working in indigenous communities in Canada, the USA and New Zealand.  He has extensive experience in the fields of health, child welfare and social services and has a deep understanding of the dynamics of colonization on these services.

Caitlin Frost. Art of Hosting global steward.  Caitlin specializes in personal coaching and strengthening individuals to confront the beliefs and stressful thoughts that hold them back from stepping into new and innovative leadership.  She has extensive experience using these coaching tools in indigenous communities where personal and intergenerational trauma sometimes inhibit personal leadership development.

Tenneson Woolf. Global steward of the Art of Hosting.  Tenneson’s experience in corporate and organizational work has also extended into community development  He has a deep practice of applying these leadership practices to the hidden and less tangible aspects of groups.

Charles LaFond
. Canon Steward of Saint John's Cathedral.  Charles has experienced this Art of Hosting training and will host this event as a part of a three-year process of institutional change supporting participatory leadership models and tools for the release of voice and longing in the cathedral.

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