Cat eh kyoo men et

Wednesday nights beginning September 19

5:30 pm –Holy Eucharist
6:00 pm –Supper in Dagwell Hall
7:00 pm –Catechumenate 

For many years at Saint John’s, newer members of the Cathedral community, along with others who want to look at their lives of faith anew, have set aside their Wednesday evenings for one program year to gather into a community of learning, conversation, and fellowship called the Catechumenate (kat-eh-QUE-men-et).
This kind of gathering is as old as Christianity itself and was, at first, the primary way the Church grew and individuals came to know Christ. Today the Cathedral’s program fulfills a wide variety of needs and desires: of adults preparing for Baptism or exploring the particulars of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican tradition; of those preparing for Confirmation; of those already Confirmed who would like to renew their commitments through Reception or Reaffirmation; and of those embarking upon a season of inquiry not knowing for sure where an intentional period of reflection and learning will take them. All who are seeking a closer connection with God and who want to explore the tradition of the Church in community are welcome.

The word catechumenate comes from the Greek words “kata” and “ekhos,” meaning, respectively, “down” and “sound.”  Catechumens (those participating in the Catechumenate) are in a decidedly receptive mode—being formed by a community of believers; hearing the traditions of the church from those who received them before. Participating in the Catechumenate is not only one individual’s act of exploration but it is also, as in a marathon, an act of the community’s continuation—of participating in the great echo of Christian faith and tradition begun millennia ago.

Whether you are already certain about an intention to be baptized, confirmed, or received into the Episcopal Church, or you are simply interested in discerning how God is calling you to be in relationship with the Church at large or the Cathedral in particular—please do consider taking part in this special journey.
The class meets Wednesday evenings, from September 19 through May. Even if you have not come before to previous nights, please join us! There is no cost to participate. Child care is available on Wednesdays in the Nursery Room. For more information, contact Mike Keochner at
1350 N. Washington Street
Denver, CO 80203