Most of our congregation was not born into the Episcopal Church. We came to it, drawn by the ancient beauty of its Prayer Book worship, or by its encouragement of hard questions, or its commitment to helping those in need. We are a diverse church, united in common prayer and in our commitment to "seek and serve Christ in all persons."

The mission of the Episcopal Church is "to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ." At Saint John's, we strive to do this in many ways, including our daily prayer, our assistance to the homeless here on Capitol Hill, our work in the community through Faith in Action, and our interfaith work through the Abrahamic Initiative.

The Episcopal Church draws from both the Protestant and Catholic traditions. It is part of the Anglican Communion, churches around the world in communion with the Church of England. Member churches share a common heritage and commitment to the authority of scripture, tradition, and reason.

The Episcopal Diocese of Colorado
1350 N. Washington Street
Denver, CO 80203