14th & Clarkson Group

Saint John’s is pleased to announce the formation of a new social activities group based at the Cathedral. Designed to fit between the 20’s & 30’s group and the SOAR seniors group, 14th & Clarkson is an inclusive group for anyone who wants to explore many of the events and activities Denver has to offer with others who call Saint John’s Cathedral their church home.

14th & Clarkson is a group for people who’ve turned a corner in their lives. They remain active and engaged by their own routines but are interested in broadening their association and friendships with individuals at the Cathedral with whom they share a commonality of interest. 14th & Clarkson provides them with the opportunity to do that in addition to exploring all that our city has to offer but might not have the wherewithal to do so if left to their own devices.

14th& Clarkson is designed to represent the many people at Saint John’s Cathedral who fit in between the already established “20s and 30s” group and the senior’s group SOAR. However, this group is designed to be welcoming and inclusive to all and will be open to anyone with a sincere desire to participate regardless of age, marital status, or orientation.

14th & Clarkson holds meetings approximately once a month. Members participate together in a variety of local social and cultural activities such as attending art openings or festivals, listening to music, or meeting for dinner in low-key settings that encourage conversation and fellowship. 

Upcoming Event

Come Meet- Up with Saint John's Cathedral 14th & Clarkson and 20's & 30's for a fun night of workshops, performances, and tours with a twist at DAM's monthly Final Friday.

$10 non member and free to members.

The groups will be meeting in the lobby at 6:30 pm with a sign so please feel free to join.  

Ridesharing is encouraged. For more information, please contact Leo Carosella at leo.carosella@yahoo.com 





1350 Washington Street
Denver, CO 80203