'With what can we compare the Kingdom of God, or what parable will we use for it? It is like a mustard seed, which, when sown upon the ground, is the smallest of all the seeds on earth- yet when it is sown it grows up and becomes the greatest of all shrubs, and puts forth large branches, so that the birds of the air can make nests in the shade.'
Mark 4:30-32

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Posted by: Ed Watson on 5/12/2016 | 0 Comments
It was August when we arrived in Denver from my longtime home of Washington, D.C. My husband and daughter attended Saint John’s without me at first. I stayed home with The New York Times. “Pray for me,” I told their departing backs. “We will,” they replied, closing the door. They returned, I could see, refreshed.
Posted by: Ed Watson on 4/28/2016 | 0 Comments
My journey from fear to love began over 75 years ago. Orphaned and homeless at 18-months-of-age produced its own DNA: fear of annihilation. Simultaneously with my childhood experience of losing home and parent came the blessing of two homes and families. One was my aunt and uncle’s home & family. One was a church home and family. The two were a powerful pair.
Posted by: Ed Watson on 4/21/2016 | 0 Comments
I’ve only been in Denver for about eight months, but I have discovered and been fortunate to become part of one of the most interesting Church services in the city. At 8:00 am, every Sunday morning at the St. Francis Center, we gather for a Eucharist that is shared with people in the shelter.
Posted by: Ed Watson on 4/7/2016 | 0 Comments
I saw Jesus last night. For a minute, he looked just like two sisters, Laraine and Mary, walking carefully from their home to their ride to church early to set up for PHUMC Women's Homelessness Initiative. They stayed and greeted thirty women who have no home and would have spent the night on the streets without our church's shelter. But it was Jesus. I could tell by their willing and gracious nature.
Posted by: Ed Watson on 3/24/2016 | 0 Comments
We are all familiar with the question, "If you could have any Super Power, what would it be?" Generally, "Invisibility" is among the top 5 choices, as one's young imagination can produce many fun perks with that answer. I am here to tell you, from my own experience, that the sense of feeling invisible—let alone being openly and consistently treated as if I've become invisible, within my own community, professional world, personal and family life–has absolutely no identifiable perks, whatsoever. The pain that has come with that is hard to describe.
Posted by: Ed Watson on 2/5/2016 | 0 Comments
Too many people haven't heard of Dorothy Day. In a world where Christianity is as likely to be associated with the Westboro Baptist Church as anything by the outside world, it is a tragedy that knowledge of Day and her legacy tends to be limited to a relative few. I wonder how many people in Denver know what the Catholic Worker movement is, without having had to research it. And I wonder how many people in Denver know that there is a Catholic Worker House here.
Posted by: Ed Watson on 1/28/2016 | 0 Comments
I’m no Mother Theresa. If I’m being honest, I just don’t allow many of our guests to penetrate the walls of my heart in such a way that I can legitimately call all of them friends. I can’t pretend to absorb and give away the expensive energy required to befriend everyone. All of us who work here at Network are very human in that way—and being in touch with our humanity invites us to lean vulnerably on the mercy of Christ, in the hope that we at least appear hospitable and friendly to these neighbors of ours who call the streets home.
Posted by: Ed Watson on 1/21/2016 | 0 Comments
I first heard the word “bi-vocational” about six months ago. I was caught somewhere between my deep longing to do full-time ministry/service work and the my inability to raise enough funds to pay my bills, leaving me with what I thought was my only option – a full-time “real job.” Yet all I really wanted was to spend my weeks volunteering, serving, building relationships, and doing justice-related work.
Posted by: Ed Watson on 12/11/2015 | 0 Comments
Friendships are essential. They cultivate creativity, compassion and a sense of belonging. Studies indicate that if you have a best friend at work, you are seven times more likely to thrive in your job. Conversely, a lack of deep lasting friendships has shown negative effects on your health and well-being. New York Times commentator, David Brooks says; “Friendship allows you to see your own life but with a second sympathetic self.”
Posted by: Ed Watson on 11/19/2015 | 0 Comments
By Becky Parnell- And so it is we are now in our fourth year in offering 25 women a place of refuge at Saint John's Cathedral every Monday evening, every other month. Thanks to a faithful group of volunteers, on these Monday evenings Dagwell Hall is place of grace and a space for caring and sharing. We set up cots, draping them with clean sheets, pillows and comforters. We break bread together, sharing a dinner prepared by members on the dinner committee. As a team of three, we keep watch at night, making sure they have a restful sleep. And in the morning, we offer them a breakfast and a daily snack bag before they return to the St. Francis Center and the streets of Denver. The Women’s Homeless Initiative (WHI) is thriving and will continue with your help—it takes a community to sustain this ministry.
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