Something amazing is happening. What a stunning stewardship season we’ve had. I believe you will want to know where we stand now, since we have been saying so much about a deficit budget for such a long time. The projected 2016 deficit of almost $800,000 will be half that amount. And, thus far, we have reduced the projected deficit for 2017 all the way down to $184,000. That is over $600,000 in cuts to the budget!  

At the same time, our congregation has courageously pledged $1,230,000 for next year’s mission, of which $153,000 is in new pledges and $216,000 is in increased pledges, with the average pledge breaking  $2,800! It’s nothing short of miraculous. 

It is important that we balance the budget. This means we need to both close the gap of the stewardship campaign ($169,000) and bring in a sufficient amount to eliminate the deficit ($184,000) by raising a total of $353,000 new dollars throughout Epiphany in order to give the new Dean a balanced budget. 

Here is the amazing news!  Hearing that we need $353,000 to accomplish this objective, six families have joined together with $140,000 to create a matched gift challenge to the congregation. 

They are asking other parishioners – people like you and me – to increase our pledges or to make pledges (if some have not yet done so) in a dollar-for-dollar match. These six families are offering $140,000 in NEW pledges if the rest of us will match their new pledges. For every new 2017 dollar you pledge, they will match that dollar so that we can balance the budget.

Will you make a new or increased gift at year-end now or perhaps make a new or increased pledge for 2017? I know. You and others have already been so generous and some have done all they can do. But if new pledges come from those who have not yet pledged and some increase their pledges, then we can realize our dream of a balanced budget.

We are trying to keep the Cathedral strong in this middle-time. In a few months we will have a strong budget, deep faith and a new Dean - we will thrive. If you would like to make a new or increased 2017 pledge or if you would like to make a 2016 year-end gift (either can count against this challenge!) please contact the Assistant Cathedral Administrator, Michelle Vieria ( or 303-577-7721) and I will quickly thank you for your courage!  Merry Christmas. The Reverend Canon Charles LaFond
Canon Steward

Important! Read before you pledge.

The challenge grants only apply to new pledges and gifts, or to the increase amount of a pledge (but not to the original amount).

If you are increasing your pledge, please note that you will only enter the amount of the increase. For instance, if you pledged in the fall and now want to take advantage of the matching grant, you will only enter the amount of your increase.
So, if you pledged $5000 in the fall and want to increase it by $2000, you will only enter $2000 in the form below. Please also note that the amount box is for the whole year.

If you have any questions about pledging, please send us an email at, or call us at 303.831.7115.

1350 Washington Street
Denver, CO 80203