Stock Transfer Procedure

Thank you for your interest in transferring stock to Saint John's Cathedral. Instructions to help you do so are below:

#1.  Inform the Business Office regarding your intention to donate stock to Saint John’s Cathedral.  We will record your address, telephone number, the name of your broker, the name of the corporation issuing the security and the number of shares you will be transferring.  The Business Office may be reached at (303) 831-7115 or by email at

#2.  Instruct your broker to contact the Business Office to verify your name, the name of the security and number of shares being transferred, as well as the expected transfer date.

#3.  Provide your broker with the following information for transfer of shares:

Account Name: Saint John’s Cathedral Gift Account

Trustee: Colorado State Bank and Trust

Trustee’s Telephone Number: 303-864-7260

Transfer Agent: Bank of New York

DTC Number: 901

For Credit to: Bank of Oklahoma

Account Number: 016071

For Further Credit To: St. John’s Cathedral Gift Account

FFC Account Number: 71A214023


IMPORTANT ADVISORY:  Please let us know that you have made a generous gift of stock to Saint John’s by informing us directly of your intentions.  Your gift will be gratefully acknowledged together with the  market information of the shares transferred on the day of receipt.

1350 Washington Street
Denver, CO 80203