"On Tuesdays I wash mugs and make peanut butter sandwiches at the Network Cofeehouse. Its mission: “We’re here to build long-term, redemptive relationships.” When not working I sip coffee with guests, many of whom are poor, homeless, and suffering chronic mental illness. For a couple of hours I don’t have to appear proficient, well-dressed, or like I have my life in order. All I do is listen and respond, one human being to another. Conversations at the Network are varied, startling, humbling, always worthwhile, and indeed, at least for me, redemptive."
-Anna Wadsworth
"Here was my opportunity to act on my faith, to offer hospitality to those in need, to honor these women--God’s creation, women who are filled with grace and gratitude. I was brought up with the old adage from Acts that “it is better to give than receive”, but as we all know it is not one or the other: by giving one does receive and by receiving, one gives. It is being in a right relationship. I am so blessed to be in relationship with so many: our 25 guests each Monday, our Cathedral ministry partners, our clergy and our congregation."

-Becky Parnell
Abrahamic Initiative
The Abrahamic Initiative provides forums for dialogue among Jews, Christians and Muslims and fosters mutual understanding and appreciation for the faith perspectives of each tradition.

As the world becomes more interdependent, it is critical that people of God will come together. Knowing each other and understanding the foundations of each tradition will help dispel false images and stereotypes that thwart positive relationships and generate conflict. Healthy and constructive relationships will emerge from mutual understanding and appreciation of each tradition.

For further information, please visit The Abrahamic Initiative website.

Episcopal Relief and Development
Episcopal Relief & Development is an international relief and development agency and a compassionate response to human suffering on behalf of The Episcopal Church of the United States. Our work to heal a hurting world is guided by the principles of compassion, dignity and generosity. For more information, please visit episcopalrelief.org.

Habitat for Humanity
Saint John’s Cathedral is part of the Habitat on the Hill interfaith coalition which is joining forces with the Denver Alliance for Interfaith Action to help build homes for families in need. 

Loaves and Fishes
Just as Christ fed the 5,000, we too are charged to feed the hungry. Are you ready to step up to the challenge? During the month of July, please bring nonperishable food and/or financial contributions to Saint John’s Cathedral to support Metro CareRing. 
Metro CareRing
Metro CareRing takes a holistic approach to bringing people towards self-sufficiency. They rely on a warm and welcoming community of ministry partners to run their incredible facility, providing healthy food, social services to those who are food insecure, all the whilst ensuring that their clients are treated with dignity and respect. Ministry partners can serve in a variety of ways, no matter your age or ability.
Saint John’s is host to a number of recovery groups throughout the week: AA, Green Light, Joy Al-Anon, and others. 
Saint Francis Center
St. Francis Center (SFC) is a refuge for men and women who are homeless in the metro Denver area, providing services that enable people to meet their basic needs for daily survival and to transition out of homelessness. The willingness of members of the community to offer their service and their time is essential to the running of this refuge. Ministry partners can support SFC's amazing staff from the front desk to the laundry room. For more information, please visit sfcdenver.org.
Women's Homeless Initiative
The Women’s Homeless Initiative at Saint John’s has been a great success. Every Monday night, Dozens of ministry partners transform Dagwell Hall, making it a hospitable place for our 25 guests to share warm meals and rest in safe overnight shelter. If your are interested in serving in this ministry, please contact Sue Abbott at suefabbott@outlook.com.
Blood Pressure Screening Nurse
Nurses serve as Ministry Partners to screen parishioner’s blood pressure and log blood pressure readings over time to identify any potential risks resulting in referral to parishioner’s primary care physician. For more information please contact Lura Williams at lcw580@dimcom.net.
Cathedral Co-operative of Gardeners
The Cathedral Co-operative of Gardeners (CCG) plant, tend, glean, and deliver nutritious and freshly harvested produce throughout the growing season. On Sundays, the CCG collects parishioner-grown produce for Monday delivery to Metro Caring.

Together, annually, the missioner-gardeners of the CCG grow and share more than 1,000 pounds of food for those who are in need. CCG volunteers are also active at the Grow Local Colorado food gardens at the Governor’s Mansion. They tend the raised beds in the Nursery Play Garden, next to Saint Martin’s Chapel. They have helped with the DUG community garden at Morey Middle School, across the street.

CCGers serve as host-site coordinators for the Grant Farms CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture), delivering unclaimed shares weekly to Metro Caring, a community partner in hunger relief and socially supportive services.
1350 Washington Street
Denver, CO 80203