Our mission is to provide a forum for dialogue among Jews, Christians and Muslims and to foster mutual understanding and appreciation for the faith perspectives of each tradition.

As the world becomes more interdependent, it is critical that people of good will come together. Knowing each other and understanding the foundations of each tradition will help dispel false images and stereotypes that thwart positive relationships and generate conflict. Healthy and constructive relationships will emerge from mutual understanding and appreciation of each tradition.

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Communities in ConversationBeginning April 12 and continuing the second Tuesday of each month.
B’nai Havurah: Denver Jewish Reconstructionist 
6445 E. Ohio Ave. Denver, CO 80224

At these dialogue events we will:
  • Encourage an atmosphere of mutual trust and open sharing.
  • Foster mutually beneficial and inspiring relationships.
  • Create a foundation for further collaboration and interaction.

Free attendance – All are welcome

Please RSVP to info@abrahamicinitiative.com

1350 Washington Street
Denver, CO 80203